When Someone You Love Dies

The Earth will be restored to a Paradise. (Revelation 21: 3,4) Faithful ones and even ones who have not known God will live again. (Psalms 37:29, Acts 24:15) Don’t give up hope or believe anything bad will happen. They are sleeping. (John 11:11) They have been acquitted of their sins. (Romans 6:7) And they are safe in God’s memory. (John 5:28) Right now they are not suffering and are not conscious of anything at all. (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10) They will be resurrected. This is the truth from the Bible. Have faith. So far, about 20 billion people have lived on the Earth. God remembers everything about them, even their memories that make them who they are. They are in God’s limitless and perfect memory. That’s why they are as good as alive.

Alive in God’s Perfect and Limitless Memory

Resurrection Note: To God people are alive even though dead because he can see their memories.

To him they are as good as alive.

Mark 12:27 He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living. You are very much mistaken

Living memories. He actually remembers their animated life. He can actually see them as if they are still alive. Although they are not self-aware because they do not presently have life.

They will receive new life and Yahweh will restore their memories. That’s how they can resume living. Nothing about them is lost. Everything they ever experienced and that is stored away in their memory, is restored. Even everything from their senses. They are self aware again. They are truly alive again.

At death brain cells are no longer energized. God must memorize everything about the person including their memories to keep the memories alive as it were.

New World Translation Psalms 146:4 His spirit goes out, he returns to the ground; On that very day his thoughts perish.

The most astounding thing that no human will ever fathom is that Yahweh remembered every detail of Jesus’ life including the eons of memories he had accumulated in his prehuman existence as Michael the Archangel in Heaven.

Romans 10:9 For if you publicly declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and exercise faith in your heart that God raised him up from the dead, you will be saved.

As of John 5:21,25 Jesus has the power to resurrect a human being.

Jesus will resurrect the person and God will restore their memories and give them holy spirit. Just like Lazarus. (John Chapter 11)

God and his Master Worker (Proverbs 8:30)

Acts 24:15 And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.

Song 111 He Will Call

He Will Call

(Job 14:13-15)

  1. Life, like a mist, appears for just a day,

    Then disappears tomorrow.

    All that we are can quickly fade away,

    Replaced with tears and sorrow.

    If a man should die, can he live again?

    Hear the promise God has made:


    He will call; The dead will answer.

    They shall live at his command.

    For he will have a longing

    For the work of his own hand.

    So have faith, and do not wonder,

    For our God can make us stand.

    And we shall live forever,

    As the work of his own hand.

    2. Friends of our God, though they may pass away,

    Will never be forsaken.

    All those asleep who in God’s mem’ry stay,

    From death he will awaken.

    Then we’ll come to see all that life can be:

    Paradise eternally.


    He will call; The dead will answer.

    They shall live at his command.

    For he will have a longing

    For the work of his own hand.

    So have faith, and do not wonder,

    For our God can make us stand.

    And we shall live forever,

    As the work of his own hand.

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The Two Destinies

Most people are going to live on a restored Paradise Earth and will be perfect like Adam and Eve before they sinned.

Psalms 37:29 The righteous will possess the earth,And they will live forever on it.

Job 33:25 Let his flesh become fresher than in youth;Let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.’

Isaiah 33:24 And no resident will say: “I am sick.” The people dwelling in the land will be pardoned for their error.

They are known as the Great Crowd.

Revelation 7:9 After this I saw, and look! a great crowd, which no man was able to number, out of all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes; and there were palm branches in their hands.

There are only 144,000 people out of all humanity who will be going to live in Heaven.

Revelation 14:1 Then I saw, and look! the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who have his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads.

These are known as the little flock.

Luke 12:32 “Have no fear, little flock, for your Father has approved of giving you the Kingdom.

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