What if I can’t remember a scripture?

Hi Dear Ones!

We can ask for holy spirit that can help us recall anything spiritual we have put into our memory.  The apostle John remembered everything the Lord said 50 years later.  Yes, it is possible, but we must pray for it.  Being specific when praying is something we must do.

God will recall it to your mind if you have learned it before and it is needed.   If it is not critical,  you might not recall it.  Don’t worry about it.

If you need to understand something, just ask Father.  Nehemiah only had a moment to contact Yehowah when the King questioned him.  “Father I need help” is likely all he had time for.  You can thank him in the name of Yehohshua afterwards.

Nehemiah 2:4 The king then said to me: “What is it that you are seeking?” At once I prayed to the God of the heavens.

One sister once said “I don’t have a head full of knowledge, but I have a heart full of love.”

There were no devices or apps in the first century.  Just scrolls, and later, Bible codexes.

We do not need an app to tell people the Good News.

With all that said, we can use the apps with no problem.  They are just a modern useful tool.  That is all.  We are balanced about the use of devices.

The apps are fun to use and full of helpful information.  As I said, we do not need an app but it is a useful tool and in some situations we don’t have our Bible with us, but we do have our mobile device.

But what if a question comes up we do not know the answer to off-hand or have not studied before?  This is another situation where the tool is useful.

How would you like to be able to search for any part of a scripture and come with an answer?  How would you like to be able to have any subject searchable at your fingertips? How would you like a word for word translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures (New Testiment).  And how would you like to have multiple versions of the Bible including the New World Translation and the King James Version that you can switch back and forth from with one click?

Don’t worry if a scripture doesn’t come to mind.  But to help you be speedy gonzales at looking up things…  You will love, love, love this app!

Also, if the person wants an answer but you can’t find it within a few moments, you can tell them you are certain about it, but need to look it up and will return with the answer for them or ask them for their contact info so you can email or text it to them.

Main App –  The download links are on the right of the page for any device.


For Sign Language, use this:


And if you are into languages, try this. Language translations of Bible subjects:





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