What Happens at a Kingdom Hall?

Well, here we are dear ones.  You may be thinking about attending a Kingdom Hall to be with your brothers and sisters.

When people at a Kingdom Hall say Jehovah, it is with the same love that you say Yehowah.  They also love the true God as you do.  And you will love them like crazy.

Certainly you know God’s name in Hebrew, just be humble about it.  It’s a beautiful thing to share with people, just remember that they have known the name Jehovah all of their lives in some cases.   Be proud to know God’s name Yehowah but don’t be proud about it. hahaahaha

Here is a video to see inside a Kingdom Hall.

Have fun and enjoy some of the most wonderful, kind, loving and God-fearing people you will ever meet.

Click here to find a meeting near you!

With love,






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