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Starting in the 1st Century, true Christianity spread throughout the known world at the time. This is a return to that Christianity known in the Bible as The Way.

In the Scriptures, “The Way” is often used with reference to a course of conduct and action that is either approved or disapproved by Yehowah God. (Jg 2:22; 2Ki 21:22; Ps 27:11; 32:8; 86:11; Isa 30:21; Jer 7:23; 10:23; 21:8) With the coming of Jesus Christ, an individual’s enjoying a proper relationship with God and approaching him acceptably in prayer depended on acceptance of Jesus Christ. As the Son of God stated: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (Joh 14:6; Heb 10:19-22) Those who became followers of Jesus Christ were spoken of as belonging to “The Way,” that is, they adhered to a way or manner of life that centered around faith in Jesus Christ, following his example.—Ac 9:2; 19:9, 23; 22:4; 24:22

What this website is about

It’s about a lot of things.  People with gender issues, people who are marginalized, people with all kinds of problems and its about me needing to reach the world and tell everyone how much Yehowah loves them and how much Jesus loves them, All of Heaven wants to help, but you have to take in knowledge to understand things.  The only way to be reconciled to God is the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That is because the only thing that removes sin completely is the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  To be reconciled to God means to have a relationship with him as your Father, God and Friend.
Anything terrible that has happened will be undone eventually. Have faith.

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