The Good in The Organization

Hi Dear Ones,

Yehowah’s Witnesses are God’s organization on Earth. The moment I began searching for Bible truth Yehowah directed me to the organization with a vision. The Lord Jesus Christ saved my life and rescued me from Satan, I sensed it was him and he bound Satan in such a way he could not affect me. Holy spirit pervades the Kingdom Hall, I was looking for God’s name as represented by the four letters YHWH and upon entering the Kingdom Hall for the first time a brother walked up to me without prompting, opened his Bible and showed me the front of his Bible. There it was Jehovah (YHWH, יחוח)  I’ve since learned his name is Yehowah in Hebrew and that the English translation is Jehovah, but everything is directed by God’s spirit.  Satan and the demons may not enter the Kingdom Hall so that people may be instructed individually and as a group “at the same time” by the Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven.  If you are talking to an elder and believe you are receiving individualized instructions from Heaven , you are.  They are said to be in Jesus’ right hand.

I have always loved the direction from the organization. Once in a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Most High God placed a shadow over me and the district overseer gestured to the magazines on the counter and said “that’s the channel”. When someone prays they may be surprised to find the answer to their prayer in one of the magazines.

The brothers and sisters are wonderful to be with. There is no profanity, everyone loves Yehowah and the Lord and all of the loyal ones in Heaven. It is always genuine fun when we get together. Nothing affected, it is always sincere. There is nothing like it on Earth.

Field service draws us closer together as we spend time together and show love for people and sometimes face opposition. But our goal is always the same. Help people understand that the only way to become reconciled to God is by means of the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ and that is because the only thing that removes sin completely is the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Everything about The Way is simply a joy.

Ignore the traditions of men and you will have a wonderful time. Yehowah has assured me he will deal with the traditions of men.

With love,