Sex Guide

God is perfect and so is his word the Bible. There are no words for my disgust about religion. They make God look stupid, unreasonable, and contradictory.  Yehowah’s purpose for the Earth is to fill it with happy, healthy people. And that includes sex.

The Bible is explicit about what not to do sexually. Nothing else is required but the Bible’s clear instructions. (2 Timothy 3:16,17) No one should be editorializing the Bible.

General Information About Sex

First, God is a person. Not a weird concept some people have. He is a loving Father and acts like one. A loving father does not watch his children having sex and neither does Yehowah. He doesn’t want to. Also, he is non-sexual. He looks at everything like a doctor if we come to him with a problem. Holy spirit is not active during sex. If any of your body signals indicate sexual activity or things that require privacy, it will automatically not be active. There is nothing weird with God, nothing strange. He is the most amazing person to create us with such understanding. He doesn’t want us to be uncomfortable with him and that’s how he designed everything about us. Beyond understanding almost, we have two sets of nerves, one set has the ultimate purpose that we may have romantic love without holy spirit being active. It is a totally private, totally intimate experience. It is a blessing.

Yehowah told me something once to tell you. It was  “Be fun and have fun and be loving, because that’s what it’s all about.”

Read the Bible and listen to your conscience. Don’t be mean, don’t be violent. Psalms 11:5

Song of Solomon 8:6 Place me as a seal upon your heart,As a seal upon your arm,For love is as strong as death is,And exclusive devotion is as unyielding as the Grave. Its flames are a blazing fire, the flame of Yah.

Nothing, repeat nothing, is as damaging to marriage and sex as rules and regulations made by human religious leaders. They extinguish the blazing fire by making the bedroom a regulated place, a place where God is watching you and you cannot relax. Nothing, repeat nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets fix the bedroom!

When nobody interferes with marriage and sex, it is as Yehowah designed it. An exquisite delight, a way to draw closer together and to strengthen the marriage bond. And it is uninhibited.

Sexual Positions

There are no restrictions.

Fun Talk

There are words that can be used in the bedroom but should not be used in public. A little fun talk goes a long way.

Preparing your body for optimal sex

While showering, near the end of your shower, exfoliate your nipples by rubbing them gently in a circular motion with the part of your hand beneath your thumbs or your thumbs. Don’t worry, they won’t fall off, but a lot of dead skin may slough off and you may have a bit of pinkness and tenderness. It will eventually go away. Rinse with water afterwards. After about six months of doing this once in a while, you will be optimized for sex. And you can be ready almost instantly for sex at any time just by rubbing your nipples or even better, having your partner do it.

Oral Sex

Oral sex is no problem.

If you do not want to perform oral sex, consider a partial solution. If there is only one particular part of oral sex you do not want, then express that to your partner clearly. Do what you can 😉

Hint: Imagine sex in the Paradise Earth, “uninhibited”.

When you are perfect, Isaiah 33:24, and your flesh is fresher than in youth, Job 33:25 then sex will also be perfect.

Anal Sex

Anal sex is no problem between a man and a woman only.  Genesis 19:5-8

Be intelligent about it and use lubrication so you do not tear delicate tissues.


Masturbation is a personal choice matter, we are dignified with it.


A person will be ceremonially unclean for one hour after any type of sexual activity. If it is urgent or an emergency, pray anyway.

God is the most dignified person of all time and we are created in his image. He dignifies us with privacy, he dignifies us with personal choice. For anyone to undignify people is to directly contradict God himself and the type of person he is. Dignified. And the type of people he intends his created people to be. Dignified. Remove the freedoms he has granted and what are you actually doing? Making God look unreasonable, contradictory, restrictive and stupid. They make him look like a Father who watches his children having sex. That’s the reality of what religious leaders do to God’s personality. They distort it, make it unpalatable, not likeable. Nothing could be further from the truth. God is not a mean, creepy old guy. He is the most sophisticated, intelligent, warm, thoughtful and funny person of all time in everything he does and creates, including us.

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