Yahweh is so funny!

Me today, still incredulous Satan is still after me hahahahahahaha

From the year 1998

I would sit looking at the unnatural white images as they appeared on my balcony. Even though they were somewhat relevant to me personally, I knew that invisible enemies could just be keeping information on me. I wouldn’t let myself be fully convinced either way. I simply made a note of them. I looked at the sky and the beautiful orange color of the sunset. A thought occurred to me. The mouse and the cheese. I would be the bait and lead Satan on a merry chase. With my mind I said to God, I’ll be a fool for you.
(with regard to the orange color of the sky at the time – Yahweh was not in the sky nor was he in the color of the sky, he simply communicated to me about it.

From the year 2015

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s been fun, punking Satan for the past 17 years and telling you all the truth about everything. My main goal was to waste as much of Satan’s time as possible, and everyone in Heaven was in on it. We are all laughing at him. It has been a pleasure to be one of the hooks in the jaws of Satan, roping him along over and over again, whooping him so many times, it’s just too much. Hope you enjoy the truth and the advanced stuff on this website.

It’s been wonderful.

Ezekiel 29:4 But I will put hooks in your jaws and cause the fish of your Nile to cling to your scales. I will bring you up out of your Nile along with all the fish of the Nile that cling to your scales.

This was achieved by putting me to sleep spiritually but if it got to be too much at times I would be revived and reminded what we were doing.  In or around my third year as a Witness, I said I would do anything that would route the enemy. That is the first time I was put to sleep spiritually.

Didn’t want you to worry overmuch so I thought I would post this picture. This is what it is like working with Yahweh and Jesus. Always cracking up laughing! Always remember that although we may suffer on earth, this is how to remember us. We have to be discrete about it or people would think we are nuts lol all the time and at inappropriate times 😀 In Heaven, everyone is a comedian working on material.

Cracking up with Heaven as we whoop Satan again and again.

Love, Tiffany

For it to be fair, I must be allowed to be tested as much as anyone else. That is justice.

May 1st, 2018

Note: Satan and the demons cannot read minds, but they are very annoying otherwise.

Yahweh contacted me silently before I became a Witness.

It was a funny idea.
Satan would be the mouse
and I would be the cheese
he has been chasing a piece of cheese
for 20 years, believing he could turn
me against God.

Everyone in Heaven was in on it.

It will be written in a book and
Satan will be laughed at for all eternity.

Yahweh loves having fun and you will experience
so much joy working with him shoulder to shoulder
as you help people learn about him and Jesus and
the ransom sacrifice.

The angels will also crack you up sometimes.

Yes, it is a serious work we are doing, but these
fun things make it seem lighter.

with regard to the Lord: like Father, like Son 🙂

With love,

Here is Satan, 5’8″ of meanness. Yes that’s his actual height. Thinks we are stupid and won’t stay close to Yahweh.




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