PRESS RELEASE: Muslims, Your Salvation is Getting Near

Dear ones,

Even though you may love and
revere Jesus the Koran denies
he is God’s Son.

This is by definition Anti-Christ according to the Injil.

1 John 2:22 Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son.

The Muslim Excuse for Denying Jesus

Does God Have a Son?
WHEN Moslems insist, in the words of the Koran (5:76-79), that “there is no God but one God,” Christians heartily agree, for the Bible itself declares, at 1 Corinthians 8:6, that “there is actually to us one God the Father, out of whom all things are.” In the Koran God is “Allah,” for in Arabic the word Allah means “the God.” The Bible gives us his name, saying “Yehowah our God is one Yehowah.”—Mark 12:29.
But when Christians use the expression “the Son of God,” Muslems vehemently protest, “God has no son.” They quote the Koran, which says, at Suras 4:169; 6:101;
19:36: “God is only one God! Far be it from His glory that He should have a son!” “How, when He hath no consort, should He have a son?” “It beseemeth not God to beget a son.”

Of course, it would be foolish for anyone to limit the power of God by saying, ‘God cannot have a son.’ Truthfully, the Koran proclaims, “Verily, God is Almighty.” (2:19) He is the Creator of the universe, of heaven and earth and of the creatures in them. As God said to Abraham, that man of faith recognized by both Christians and Moslems,
“Is anything too extraordinary for Yehowah?” A person who really is in submission to the Omnipotent God must agree with the prophet who said, “With God all things are possible.”—Gen. 18:14; Matt. 19:26.

(Before anything was created God existed. The first created person in heaven was created by God alone. Therefore the whole argument is ridiculous and a lame excuse to deny Jesus. If God alone created a living being and said “This is my Son”, then that’s the way it is.)

Jesus was created when no one
existed but God alone. Yehowah
can materialize anything he can
imagine. He imagined this first
created person and materialized
him with no memories.
Then he gave him holy spirit,
the life force of God which gave
him God’s qualities.
He was then educated by God.
He is the master worker of
Proverbs 8:30

And God named him Michael
which means “who is like God?”

He is God’s first Son, the eldest.

There is no excuse to deny him
just because called him his Son.

Muslim means “Submission”. Moslems are to obey the Bible according to the Koran. The Bible is referred to in the Koran as the Torah and the Injil.

Al ‘Imran [3]:3,4

Al-Maidah [5]:46,47

Al-Nisa [4]:163

Yunus [10]:94

Christian Greek Scriptures (Injil)

(2 Peter 1:16-18) 16 No, it was not by following artfully contrived false stories that we made known to you the power and presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, but rather, we were eyewitnesses of his magnificence. 17 For he received from God the Father honor and glory when words such as these were conveyed to him by the magnificent glory: “This is my Son, my beloved, whom I myself have approved.” 18 Yes, these words we heard coming from heaven while we were with him in the holy mountain.

(Hebrews 5:5) . . .So, too, the Christ did not glorify himself by becoming a high priest, but was glorified by the One who said to him: “You are my son; today I have become your father.”

Hebrew Scriptures (Torah)

Psalms 2:7 Let me proclaim the decree of Yehowah;He said to me: “You are my son;Today I have become your father.

The Angels are called “sons”

(Job 38:4-7) 4 Where were you when I founded the earth? Tell me, if you think you understand. 5 Who set its measurements, in case you know, Or who stretched a measuring line across it? 6 Into what were its pedestals sunk, Or who laid its cornerstone, 7 When the morning stars joyfully cried out together, And all the sons of God began shouting in applause?

Who is Adam’s father?, is the question that answers the Muslim along with evidence of creation

How was Adam created? Here is the simple answer.

Genesis 2:7 And Yehowah God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a living soul.

He wasn’t given a soul, doesn’t have a soul, he is a soul. The soul is the whole person. The soul dies, that is, the whole person dies.

For more, see: “Conversation with a Muslim Extremist” to see how to answer Muslims’ questions using the Bible.

The Prophet

If Deuteronomy 18:15 were understood, it might convince many that Jesus is indeed the prophet spoken of, not some other person.

Mohammed is not mentioned in the Bible because he is not relevant to the Bible narrative although he does mention that Muslims should listen to the Bible.

Biggest case of CYA ever recorded.

Get out of Islam now. Injil Revelation 18:4

Read the following about obeying the Bible.

Al ‘Imran [3]:3,4

Al-Maidah [5]:46,47

Al-Nisa [4]:163

Yunus [10]:94

The Prophet According to the Hebrew Scriptures (Torah)

(Deuteronomy 18:15) A prophet from your own midst, from your brothers, like me, is what Yehowah your God will raise up for you—to him YOU people should listen—

The Prophet According to the Christian Greek Scriptures (Injil)

(Luke 7:16) Now fear seized them all, and they began to glorify God, saying: “A great prophet has been raised up among us,” and, “God has turned his attention to his people.”

(Luke 24:19) And he said to them: “What things?” They said to him: “The things concerning Jesus the Naz·a·rene’, who became a prophet powerful in work and word before God and all the people;

(John 1:45) Philip found Na·than’a·el and said to him: “We have found the one of whom Moses, in the Law, and the Prophets wrote, Jesus, the son of Joseph, from Naz’a·reth.”

(John 6:14) Hence when the men saw the signs he performed, they began to say: “This is for a certainty the prophet that was to come into the world.”

(Acts 3:22) In fact, Moses said, ‘Yehowah God will raise up for YOU from among YOUR brothers a prophet like me. YOU must listen to him according to all the things he speaks to YOU.

(Acts 7:37) “This is the Moses that said to the sons of Israel, ‘God will raise up for YOU from among YOUR brothers a prophet like me.’

Clearly, Jesus is the prophet spoken of in these books of the Bible.

Radical Islam ignores the Koran’s call to obey the Bible, referred to in the Koran as the Torah and Injil

Psalms 11:5 (Torah) Yehowah examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one; He hates anyone who loves violence.

With love,



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